Statesville Stained Glass Restoration & Preservation Facetted Process

The use of Facetted Stained Glass, has been growing in popularity over the twenty (20) years. This type of stained glass is created in similar, yet different manner, than the Leaded Stained Glass. It has become very popular in inner Cities, geographic areas with extreme climates, or danger from extreme weather conditions. It is also very popular in contemporary style architecture. Not every structure is esthetically suitable for Facetted Stained Glass. However, we can adapt and design Facetted Stained to meet any architectural requirement.

Facetted Stained Glass is also known as “dalle de verre” and is produced in sections called “dalles”, which are approximately 8″ x 10″ and are 1″ in thickness. There is only a limited number of producers of this type of glass around the world.

Statesville Stained Glass Restoration & Preservation, purchases approximately 50% of the dalles which are produced domestically, which are used in today’s market.

Facetted Stained Glass is cut into shapes and designs using diamond blade saws. We are able to cut the shapes and designs into every imaginable shape and size, despite the fact that the blades are circular.

The detail in Facetted Stained Glass, has always been a concern for many Customers, however, we have devised a process by which we can create and provide incredible detail, which is our standard procedure.

We maintain approximately 200 colors in our palette in our on site inventory.

Approximately 35% of our production is in Facetted Stained Glass.